Interview Your Interviewer

Interview Your Interviewer

Most of us walk into interviews with pre-thought out answers to the most asked questions, such as ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your strengths and weaknesses?’

Why not take the 10 minutes at the end of ‘Have you got any questions?’ to find out more about the interviewer and their company. Asking questions makes you appear inquisitive, eager to learn and keen to understand the roles expectations.

Here are some questions you can ask:

What are your short and long term goals for the role and the candidate you choose to fill it?

Your personal career needs are important, find out if your short and long term goals can be achieved and worked to in this role.

Can you tell me the daily tasks of the previous person in this role?

Job specs aren’t always as detailed as we’d all like, take this chance to find out as much as possible about the day to day expectations of the role.

Who are the primary team members I’ll be working with?

You’ll need to know what kind of managerial structure is in place, along with the different kinds of personalities will you be working with. Ask yourself, do you see yourself working well in that environment with those types of staff?

What do you think are the hardest challenges facing the individual in this role?

Employers will want to sell the role but not every role is as rosy as it seems. Find out if you could work on the hardest challenges and tackle them head on.

Hopefully after a few questions from you, you’ll full understand the role and know if it’s the right fit. Good luck at your interviews!

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