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8 out of 10 Spread the Word

22nd July, 2014 · Posted in Industry News

Reputation is incredibly important in recruitment. 8 out of 10 candidates who are unhappy about...

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25% Rise In Job Vacancies

17th July, 2014 · Posted in Industry News

The number of job vacancies has risen by 25% from January to June, this was...

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How to Stand Out Against the Crowd in Group Interviews

11th July, 2014 · Posted in Tips & Advice

For popular roles, group interview stages are often the first contact a candidate has with...

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New Apprentices Join The Axis Team

7th July, 2014 · Posted in Our News

Axis Recruitment are always looking for exceptional individuals to invest in, and we’d like to...

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Flexible Working Hours: New Changes in Law

2nd July, 2014 · Posted in Industry News

56% of workers surveyed said they are planning to speak to their employers about their...

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Personal Development Plan : How to Make the Most of a PDP

25th June, 2014 · Posted in Our News

Personal Development Plans can difficult to write. You don’t want to outline all your weaknesses...

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Employment High

20th June, 2014 · Posted in Industry News

A positive figure has been released by ONS this month; the number of those who...

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60 Hour Weeks for SME Owners

16th June, 2014 · Posted in Tips & Advice

50 is the number of hours that one in four SME owners are now working...

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Things You Should Not Ask in an Interview

13th June, 2014 · Posted in Tips & Advice

As recruiters, we’ve heard the best and worse questions that candidates have asked during an...

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How to Bring the World Cup to Your Office

3rd June, 2014 · Posted in Events, Tips & Advice

Our team members are all of a chatter about the World Cup. With just under...

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