Transitioning into your Ideal Role

The beauty of the industries we recruit within is the wide range of roles available. A change of career is very daunting, but here’s our advice on making that transition as smooth as possible.


Ask yourself if money wasn’t an object, what would you be doing? Take notes of your interests and hobbies. Could you turn these into a role or part of a new role?


We fill our CV’s up with skill keywords but which ones do you truly feel fit you? Make a list, underline the skills you feel are the most relevant to a new role. Avoid words like hardworking and organised, every role will need these basic skills.

Last Roles

Look at your previous roles, what tasks fitted your role? Did you do anything extra? Consider which parts of the role you liked and disliked. These could be the starting points for a new role but also give you real life examples to use during interviewing.


At your previous/current role, what was the office environment like? Was it formal and corporate or friendly and in-formal? Question which office culture makes you enjoy work but also keeps you productive.


Browse the job boards for roles you like the sound of, note what skills and requirements are needed. Can you meet the needs? Will you need further training? Research is the key, you can make informed decisions and evaluate your options from this.


What are you willing to be flexible on? Location and salary are the most compromisable options, changing these might open up a new field of job roles.


If you are in a recruitment process, don’t forget to talk to your consultant, ask questions and be open about what you want.

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