Things You Should Not Ask in an Interview

As recruiters, we’ve heard the best and worse questions that candidates have asked during an interview. From feedback from clients, they want someone who is well researched, positive and eager to learn.

Here’s some questions you should avoid asking:

What does your company do?

This shows lack of research, which the employer will not take lightly. Make sure you send an hour or two researching the company and the role. Check out their website, and see if they have any articles written about them and look what they are doing on social media.

Instead, you could say, I saw that your organisation was involved in charity work etc. Can you tell me more about it?

Is there a chance for me to move to a different department?

This type of question will set alarm bells ringing. It shows the client that you are just looking for a way in, not that you actually want this vacancy.

If you don’t think that the position is for you, cancel your interview with plenty of notice. Explain to your recruitment consultant that you are looking for something slightly different after you’ve researched the company and role, you never know, they may be able to secure you a new interview.

Instead of that question, you could ask, what are the promotion prospects?


How much sick pay do I get?

This tells the employer that you are already planning your first sick day, no employer will want to see this.

If you do have a condition or illness, discuss your options with our consultants before you go to interview.

Leave this discussion about sick pay to when you look over contracts, not at interview stage.


Is there anyone I won’t like in the team?

Asking this will make you seem like a negative person, but it will also put the employer in an awkward situation, no client will want to down talk a current team member.

You should ask, how many people are in the team, what kind of culture is there in the office?


How did I do?

Candidates are eager to receive feedback, but let your consultant speak to the client first.

Instead, ask when feedback will be arranged and how they will be in contact.

Discuss what questions you should ask with your recruitment consultant, they will always be happy to help and give you valuable information.

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