How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Group Interviews

For popular roles, group interview stages are often the first contact a candidate has with the employer. The competition is to your left and right, you need to stand out.

Here are our tips on making an impact:

Show off your people skills

Every employer no matter what industry or company they are in, will want a personable individual, after all, you must get on with the team. Build a rapport, introduce yourself and ask a few polite questions about the other individuals before you start the interview if possible.

Be confident not cocky

Your body language needs to be relaxed and open, don’t hunch over and look people in the eyes. When talking try not to mumble and make sure your speech is clear and amplified.

No aggression

Showing your abilities as a leader cannot come across as aggressive. If someone makes a suggestion during the group interview, don’t cut across and when they are finished, say you agree or disagree but also give a valid reason. Don’t be defensive in your speech.

Keep the company in mind

You will have already researched the company and their ethos, make sure you fully understand their approach. When you are asked questions or given tasks which require information about the company, make your in-depth research stand out. Only give statements on information that is 100% true or you are sure of the terms on.

Keep your composure

Keep your composure and keep positive, the employer is bound to notice this attribute. Take a breath and a moment to think if asked a difficult question, don’t rush your answers.

Good luck in your group interview!

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