How to Leave your Job Without Burning Bridges

Perhaps Axis Recruitment has helped you secure a brand new dream job with their tailored recruitment techniques, now you’ll need to hand in your notice.

Here are our steps to a professional way to resign:

  • Be sure – Make sure you have confirmation of your new role, print it out and keep it safe.
  • Check the rules – Try and find your original contract or handbook for your current role, have a look at notice periods and extra entitlements like holidays.
  • Be prepared – Fingers crossed your current employer will be happy for your new venture but just in case, back up all your contacts and files on a hard drive, you never know when they might become useful in future.
  • Be courteous – A letter of resignation should be professional, no matter what your feelings to the company or team. Be clear on your termination dates, perhaps state your positives about the role and a short, polite reason for your career change.
  • Don’t brag – Don’t give your boss or colleagues a reason to criticise you, don’t gloat about your new job. A reputation will proceed you, so keep positive but humble about the new role.
  • Reflection – Your current role has given you the experience to be able to successfully achieve that new role, so perhaps reflect on what you learnt. This might come in handy for new projects or goals.

Axis would like to congratulate you on your new job, you should hopefully be leaving on a good note after these tips, with your bridges intact.

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