Client Services

  • Key Hire Treatment

    We know that every employee is vital. So every vacancy is given the detail, thought and strategy that it deserves, meaning you’ll spend less time replacing people and more time working at the forefront of your industry.

  • First Time Right

    Axis Recruitment will only ever send over candidates that we know are right for your role. To give you assurance, we’ll give you £250 credit in the unlikely event that the CV’s or clients we set up meetings with are completely unsuitable. *T&Cs apply

  • Expert Advice

    We know how your industry works, Axis has a large team with years of experience and up to date knowledge, and they strive to be at the forefront of their field. Constant improvement and experience building is part of our recruitment culture in our offices.

  • Tailored Approach

    We’ve discarded the ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ and we understand each client is an individual, who needs a recruitment solution that works for them.

  • Lasting Partnerships

    A long-term, successful relationship with our clients is our goal. We ensure an understanding of your requirements and manage time spent, making sure we have an in depth awareness and knowledge of your business, culture and goals.

  • Regular Contact

    We believe in creating open and honest relationships and are committed to providing top quality care to all of our clients and candidates.

Our Assurance To You

One of the biggest challenges facing companies in the current job market, is attracting and retaining the right candidates. At Axis Recruitment,  we want to contribute to your success, by providing you with talented and highly committed people. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service and after care, our tailored service makes sure that this high recruitment expectation is met, whether that’s for permanent or project opportunities .

Candidate Attraction Techniques


Social Media


Search & Selection


Job Boards



Exclusive Candidate Choice

Our highly valued networking skills have gained us a wide portfolio of contacts and industry networks, giving us the pick of the best talent for your roles.

Candidate Profiling Checks

To refine the wide range of personalities of potential job seekers, we understand companies may want to undertake psychometric and pre-employment profiling.


Occasionally, the ideal candidate won’t be actively looking on the job market; they could be waiting for the perfect role.

Brand Advocate Approach

Reputation is highly guarded in industry, we know it’s a case of upmost respect needed when it comes to you been represented in the marketplace.

Overcoming 'Difficult' Vacancies

Difficulties, which cost you time and money, could be found from perceived barriers and we understand that’s frustrating for your company.

Convenient Updates

Control is the key to a successful business partnership, we’ll keep you 100% informed with convenient feedback, which provides crucial support.