10 Simple Ways To Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re actively looking for a new role this year, or see progression on the horizon, LinkedIn is without doubt one of the most effective online tools to help support your career progression plans. With over 300 million users worldwide it’s never been easier to connect to the right people and build your own network of contacts to help enhance your chances of landing that dream role.

To help you maximise your exposure we’ve put together our 10 essential tips to help increase your job hunting chances through LinkedIn, to get you noticed and connected more effectively in 2015.

1. Include A Professional Photo

A professional photo is an absolute essential for LinkedIn, whilst it might be a social platform, it’s not Facebook so keep it professional and think about how you’d like to be perceived. Profiles with professional photos are seven times more likely to be viewed than those without so make sure yours isn’t holding you back!

2. Increase Your Endorsements

Nothing promotes your skills and achievements better than an endorsement from one of your peers, employers or connections. Offer endorsements and don’t be afraid to ask for those back from people who you’ve worked closely with that can give a strong representation of your strengths.

3. Be Consistent With Notifications & Updates

Maintaining exposure comes down to consistency, be consistent with your updates and keep active on the platform to increase your chances of being noticed, drawing attention back to your profile.

4. Follow Business Pages

Not only is Linkedin a way to connect to new people its also a great way to learn more about key businesses within your sector and keep on top of industry intelligence which is invaluable in such a competitive climate. Connect to businesses, key influencers and industry leaders to expand your knowledge and stay on top of the latest updates within your sector.

5. Get Involved With LinkedIn Groups

By staying an active member and joining groups, you will help to further your exposure and connections. You can do this by posting in relevant discussions and replying to established threads. It’s great for people to discover the things that really interest you in the business world and spark discussion and engagement from those around you.

6. Write A Detailed And Effective Summary

Your summary is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself to anyone viewing your profile, keep it concise, relevant, up to date and positive!

7. Diversify Your Connections

When you look at your network, how diverse are the connections you’ve made? Connections within a wider range of industries with individuals of varying levels within each sector gives you the greatest chance of maximising exposure whilst broadening your industry reach.

8. Be Creative With Buzzwords

With such a high levels of competition, it’s getting even harder to stand out from the crowd. We all know the standard buzzwords that we use to describe our skillset, but as these become so overused its important to start getting a little creative with your language. Think about ways that you can be different, research words that are being overused and hunt out alternatives that not only have the same effect but go one step further, painting you as an individual.

9. Showcase Your Achievements

From work experience, to courses, hobbies and volunteer work, it’s all valuable information that should be documented on your profile. With the stat that 42% of hiring managers view volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience (survey by LinkedIn) everything you do within these areas will help to strengthen and broaden your profile and experience pool.

10. Go Multimedia With Your Content

One of most creative and often underused features of LinkedIn profiles is the opportunity to upload videos, graphics and links to your page. Visual content not only increases engagement, it also enables you to physically showcase any work that you have done directly to your audience. Select your most appropriate examples, upload these to your profile, share them with your audiences and engage in a more effective way today.

We hope that our ten top tips will help to start the ball rolling for a more effective, engaging and targeted LinkedIn strategy. If you’re currently looking to take the next step on the career ladder, discuss your options, or simply speak to our consultants about the ways that you can maximise your skillset for future progression, get in touch today.

Submit your current CV to us and we’ll match you with a dedicated consultant within your industry who can help guide your next move, and support you throughout the process.


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