10 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Marketing

It’s one of the most popular career choices especially amongst graduates, enticed by leading brands, endless possibilities, clear advancement opportunities and the freedom of creativity. But why should you pursue a career in marketing?

1. Freedom Of Creativity
Successful marketing requires a great deal of thinking outside the box. Creative skills are highly valued within the industry and so are skills within the multiple creative avenues you will be able to explore.

2. Innovative & Dynamic
Marketing as an industry is ever evolving, so too are the technologies and trends you will adopt and adapt to throughout your process. Staying at the forefront of technological advancement not only positions your skills as highly sought after, but can also contribute to establishing the longevity of your career and success.

3. Flexibility Of Industries
Marketing is used by virtually every organisation within every industry on a certain level. Whether you are looking to immerse yourself within retail, join a legal firm or become part of a charitable organisation, the opportunities are endless.

4. Its All About The Bigger Picture
Having the ability to always see and consider the bigger picture is crucial to your practise. From initial ideas through to global campaigns, it’s the bigger picture that will drive you!

5. Communication Is Everything
Within marketing you’ll be at the forefront of communications, it takes many forms and delivery will occur across multiple platforms. From external communications to your audience, to internal communications between employees, communications lie at the heart of everything that you do.

6. Advancement Opportunities
There are clear advancement opportunities available to you within the marketing Industry. From graduate & assistanct roles, to executive, then manager and director! Whether through the same organisation or across multiple companies there’s a clear ladder to success in front of you.

7. Stay In Demand
There will always be a requirement to market services & products, by pursuing a career in marketing your working to ensure that your skills and expertise will always be in demand. The industry is booming and looks set to continue to, so there’s never been a better time to get yourself involved!

8. Its All About The Brand
One of the most enticing and exciting areas of a marketing career lies in the opportunity to work alongside leading name brands. Every marketer has their own dream brands that they aspire to work for…and opportunity is never too far away!

9. Connect, Connect, Connect
Your connections will come to mean everything, and as you’ll progress your career you’ll have the opportunity to connect with individuals that will inspire, innovate and influence your work. Being a people person is a great attribute to bring to the marketing world, and a skill you’ll use each and every day!

10. The Possibilities Are Endless
Boundaries are pushed each and every day within marketing, these lead to some of the most successful campaigns, and give birth to brands that dominate headlines, TV screens and social media channels. You’ll have the opportunity to stamp your own mark, carve your own path, and make this your success!

If you are looking to take that step into the world of marketing we are currently recruiting and we want to hear from you! Please upload your CV today and a consultant will be in touch. 

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